How to choose the eyelash extension glue ?

Summer is coming ,there will be many problems for lash extension glue,easier to stimulate, easily lead to allergies to customers, stronger stimulating odor , especially easy to sticky and so on.

In fact, If you want the lash keep as longer as other seasons in summer, there are two points should be noticed :Firstly, the lash artist must know how to choose eyelash extension glue .Secondly, the lash artist must know how to use and preserve the lash extension glue.

1.How to choose lash extension adhesive during summer ?

The best choice is Korea eyelash extension glue which use plant to producing only. Cause summer is easier to allergy,so choose the natural component glue will be safer.Secondly, the glue is soft,will help keep lashes longer time.As for the price, usually it is twice of normal Korea glue.

2.How to use eyelash extension glue?

When using the glue, please keep 90 degrees , the bottle mouth needs to be cleaned, and the air in the bottle is squeezed out, which reduces the combination of eyelash extension glue and water in the air ,keeps the glue more fresh. Please notice that the humidity of glue determines the curing speed of glue, which will effect on application time. The suitable humidity should be 55%. It will make the glue solidify at a normal speed.

3.How to preserve eyelash extension glue ?

The best method of preservation is to keep it in the fridge. Because in the outside, the temperature is too high to make the glue become stimulant,that is why easier to make the customer allergy in summer. Another thing is the glue must be accompanied by a temperature and humidity instrument, monitoring the humidity in the refrigerator at a time, the best preservation temperature of the glue is 10-15 degrees, the humidity in 30%-50%.

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