All you need to know about remover

Q1. Is it ache while removing the eyelashes?

To remove the eyelashes, usually use the lash remover. Apply to the part where the eyelashes are grafted. After about 5 minutes of application, the grafted eyelashes can be normally peeled off. Therefore, it is not a matter of hardship and will not cause pain.

Q2. Will the eyelashes fall off natural eyelashes?

The chemical composition in the remover only for the glue of the chemical composition, so it does not cause the lashes to be detached from yourself eyelashes.

It's likely that one or two pieces of lashes will naturally fall off , but it will not be a large fall of the eyelashes caused by the removal of eyelashes.

Q3. Does removing eyelashes cause skin irritation?

Up until now, no news has been received about the release of remover can stimulate the eyes. (Unless dripping in the eyes or eating).

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