How to choose the eyelash extension ?

There are so many brands of eyelash extension in the market, how to choose the best quality ?

1.Check whether the packing box is tight and whether there are grease and dust on the eyelashes. Before packing box, each box of fiber must be sterilized and shaped. The eyelashes are sterilized by 220 degrees before being provided to customers. The sterilization of mink hair is more delicate, because the mink hair itself is the hair from the animal, so its disinfection should be particularly strict, each pack of mink hair is a high-quality ferrets hair from North America,  being sterilized strictly , processing with cold roll pressure technology.

2.Lightness, naturalness, and fit are the keys to choose eyelashes. High-quality eyelash extensions are smooth from the waist to the tip. Each eyelash is soft and slender, neatly arranged, and the hand feels a obvious softness.

3.The improvements in waterproof and heat resistance always the biggest concerns for eyelash manufacturers. Good quality eyelash extensions,when the pressure is applied to the eyelashes, the curvature will be restored immediately and it will not easily become straight after heating and compressing. The cold rolling technology of mink hair is even more outstanding in the current beauty eyelash market, and high-quality products can create a perfect grafting effect.

4.A good brand should be suitable for the needs of the overall market. High quality eyelashes have 11 lengths, 6 different thicknesses, and 4 kinds of precise curling degrees. Therefore, the use of the above will be more handy.

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